Consulting Asia


Project: National hospital master plan
Country: Georgia
Continent: Europe/Asia
Client: World Bank
Scope of services: National hospital master planning (plan for secondary and tertiary care in the country)
Completion SC scope: 2006
Implemented since: Gradually since 2007
Category: National hospital master planning

Iraqi Kurdistan

Project: General and cancer hospital
Hospital working name: Rekani Hospital
City: Erbil
Country: Kurdistan region of Iraq
Continent: Asia
Client: Rekan Group
Scope of services: Feasibility study and planning
Completion SC scope: 2013
Category: Hospital planning


Project: Expansion of an existing hospital
Hospital name: Notre Dame de Secur
City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Continent: Asia
Client: Notre Dame de Secur
Scope of services: Planning
Beds: 110
Completion SC scope: 1997
Category: Hospital planning


Project: Planning of Gamma Knife center
Located at: American University
City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Continent: Asia
Client: Private SPC
Scope of services: Feasibility study
Completion SC scope: 2000
Category: Cancer care


Project: National Drug Agency
Country: Lebanon
Continent: Asia
Client: SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)
Scope of services: Development and planning
Completion SC scope: 2001
In operation since: 2003
Category: Other